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Unknown plugin "module-resolver" specified in "base" at 0, attempted to resolve relative to "/home/circleci/"

// @flow
import {font, spacing} from '../../../utils/classnames';
import {formatDateRangeWithMessage} from '../../../utils/format-date';
import Icon from '../Icon/Icon';

type Props = {|
  start: Date,
  end: Date,
  statusOverride?: ?string

const StatusIndicator = ({ start, end, statusOverride }: Props) => {
  const {color, text} = statusOverride ? {color: 'marble', text: statusOverride} : formatDateRangeWithMessage({start, end});
  return (
    <span className={`flex flex--v-center ${font({s: 'HNL5'})}`}>
      <span className={`${spacing({s: 1}, {margin: ['right']})} flex flex--v-center`}>
        <Icon name='statusIndicator' extraClasses={`icon--match-text icon--${color}`} />

export default StatusIndicator;
/* No context defined for this component. */
  • Handle: @statusindicator
  • Preview:
  • Filesystem Path: ../common/views/components/StatusIndicator/StatusIndicator.js

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