Error rendering component

Unknown plugin "module-resolver" specified in "base" at 0, attempted to resolve relative to "/home/circleci/"

// @flow
import {spacing, grid, font} from '../../../utils/classnames';
import Divider from '../Divider/Divider';
import PrimaryLink from '../Links/PrimaryLink/PrimaryLink';

type Props = {|
  title: string,
  linkText?: string,
  linkUrl?: string

// TODO: Allow the component to take a PrimaryLink as a prop
// (not possible while we're using it in Nunjucks land).

const SectionHeader = ({title, linkText, linkUrl}: Props) => {
  return (
    <div className={`row ${spacing({s: 6}, {margin: ['bottom']})} ${spacing({s: 8, m: 10}, {margin: ['top']})} `}>
      <div className='container'>
        <div className='grid'>
          <div className={`${grid({s: 12, m: 12, l: 12, xl: 12})} ${spacing({s: 1}, {margin: ['bottom']})}`}>
            <Divider extraClasses='divider--dashed' />
          <div className={grid({s: 12, m: 12, l: 12, xl: 12})}>
            <div className={`${spacing({s: 1, l: 4}, {margin: ['bottom']})} flex-l-up flex--v-end flex--h-space-between`}>
              <h2 className={`${font({s: 'WB5', m: 'WB4'})} ${spacing({l: 1}, {padding: ['right']})} ${spacing({s: 0}, {margin: ['top']})} ${spacing({s: 0}, {margin: ['bottom']})}`}>{title}</h2>
              {linkText && linkUrl &&
                <PrimaryLink name={linkText} url={linkUrl} />

export default SectionHeader;
/* No context defined for this component. */
  • Handle: @sectionheader
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  • Filesystem Path: ../common/views/components/SectionHeader/SectionHeader.js

A SectionHeader is visually comprised of a dashed divider above a title and an optional PrimaryLink.

It should be used to separate sections of promos, where the PrimaryLink would link to more of the type of promos listed.