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// @flow
import NextLink from 'next/link';
import {font} from '../../../../utils/classnames';
import trackOutboundLink from '../../../../utils/track-outbound-link';

type Props = {|
  url: string,
  text: string,
  extraClasses?: string,
  eventTracking?: string

const SecondaryLink = ({url, text, extraClasses, eventTracking}: Props) => {
  function handleClick(event) {

  return (
    <NextLink href={url}>
        className={`secondary-link ${font({s: 'HNM5', m: 'HNM4'})} ${extraClasses || ''}`}>

export default SecondaryLink;
  "url": "#",
  "text": "Opening hours"
  • Handle: @secondarylink
  • Preview:
  • Filesystem Path: ../common/views/components/Links/SecondaryLink/SecondaryLink.js

Standalone utility link. Uses text-decoration property for underline.