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// @flow
import {Fragment} from 'react';
import {spacing, font} from '../../../utils/classnames';
import {formatDate} from '../../../utils/format-date';
import {UiImage} from '../Images/Images';
import LabelsList from '../LabelsList/LabelsList';
import type {ExhibitionPromo as ExhibitionPromoProps} from '../../../model/exhibitions';
import StatusIndicator from '../StatusIndicator/StatusIndicator';

type Props = {|
  position?: number,

const ExhibitionPromo = ({
  format, id, url, title, image, start, end, statusOverride,
  position = 0
}: Props) => {
  return (
    <a data-component='ExhibitionPromo'
      data-component-state={JSON.stringify({ position: position })}
      data-track-event={JSON.stringify({category: 'component', action: 'ExhibitionPromo:click', label: `id : ${id}, position : ${position}`})}
      className='plain-link promo-link bg-cream rounded-corners overflow-hidden flex flex--column'>
      <div className='relative'>
        {image && image.contentUrl && <UiImage
          sizesQueries='(min-width: 1420px) 386px, (min-width: 960px) calc(28.64vw - 15px), (min-width: 600px) calc(50vw - 54px), calc(100vw - 36px)'
          showTasl={false} />}

        <div style={{position: 'absolute', bottom: 0}}>
          <LabelsList labels={format ? [{url: null, text: `${format.title} exhibition`}] : [{url: null, text: 'Exhibition'}]} />

      <div className={`
          flex flex--column flex-1 flex--h-space-between
          ${spacing({s: 2}, {padding: ['top']})}
          ${spacing({s: 2}, {padding: ['left', 'right']})}
          ${spacing({s: 4}, {padding: ['bottom']})}

          <h2 className={`
            ${font({s: 'WB5'})}
            ${spacing({s: 0}, {margin: ['top']})}
            ${spacing({s: 1}, {margin: ['bottom']})}

          {!format && !statusOverride && start && end &&
            <p className={`${font({s: 'HNL4'})} no-margin no-padding`}>
              <Fragment><time dateTime={start}>{formatDate(start)}</time>—<time dateTime={end}>{formatDate(end)}</time></Fragment>

          <StatusIndicator start={start} end={end || new Date()} statusOverride={statusOverride} />


export default ExhibitionPromo;
/* No context defined for this component. */
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  • Filesystem Path: ../common/views/components/ExhibitionPromo/ExhibitionPromo.js

Exhibition Promo

Dates only appear for temporary exhibitions

The status indicator can be overriden with free text, otherwise is has 4 states

  • Coming soon: start date is in the future
  • Now on: today's date falls on or between start date and end date
  • Final week: end date is within one week of today's date
  • Past: end date is in the past